About Dr. Jen

About Dr. Jennifer Politis

I am currently on a mission to empower. Empower women. Empower parents. Empower children. Empower therapists.

Over my career, I have built a thriving counseling practice where my staff continues to empower their clients. I specialize in helping parents connect more with their children offering strategies to allow that to happen. I have seen in my counseling practice that at the heart of it all people want to feel connected. Connected to their child, connected to their partner, connected to their parent, connected to their spouse, connected to their friend, connected to a family member. I write about connection and emotions and have created activities that help facilitate connection for parents and therapists.

Before private practice I worked as a therapist in a college counseling center, nonprofit sector and school system as a counselor, psychologist and administrator. I obtained my doctorate in Educational Psychology and master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University. I am a member of many organizations, have published many journal articles and news articles. I am also a Clinical Supervisor and Licensed Therapist. My expertise is in anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

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