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Are you aware of the websites and apps your tween and teenager are using?

Many of us have heard of the standard types of social media used by tweens and teenagers such as facebook, twitter and instagram. But you may not realize other types of social media they frequent and how they communicate on these websites and apps. Listed below are a few that are extremely popular with your tween and teenager:

Tumblr-is a website that could be thought of as a personal journal online. It is a social network blogging forum where young people can like each other posts, ask questions, give advice and answer questions from strangers. These blogs are not censored. Some teens use this forum to discuss their personal feelings and will write in detail about their eating disorder, feeling depressed and drug use. a website where you sign in with a profile and picture and then answer questions posed to you by other users. The users may be friends of yours or strangers. It is up to the user to answer and post their response to the question. Common questions are asked such as “Who do you have a crush on?” but more personal and sexual questions are often asked as well.

Snapchat-is an app that lets you send pictures to friends that disappear after a certain amount of time. Many tweens and teens send pictures and sexts (sexy texts). Since the picture or info is only up for a short time of time many teens use it to send a sexy picture or ask a personal question since it will not stay on the screen for long.

Kik, Voxer, and WhatsApp-are apps with the same theme: free phone-to-phone messaging that is private, cross-platform, and allows you to attach pictures and videos without counting towards your SMS minutes or showing on your phone bill. A phone number doesn’t have to be attached to the app. These are great apps for friends to chat and share pictures. Although, disturbing posts are found such as “Looking for a 16-year-old girl” or ”Horny in New York City”.

For the most part, young people are using these apps and websites for beneficial purposes. Yet, it is important to note the level of abuse and concern out there in these types of platforms. As parents being aware of what your child is using is an increasing important part of being a parent in today’s society.

Dr. JenI am currently on a mission to empower. Empower women. Empower parents. Empower children. Empower therapists. Over my career, I have built a thriving counseling practice where my staff continues to empower their clients. I specialize in helping parents connect more with their children offering strategies to allow that to happen.

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